Every pound of produce we grow and donate is due in part to the kindness and support of our donors. From the concrete bricks and soil that form the garden beds, to the spades and crates we use to harvest, in-kind donations of equipment, tools and inputs are essential to our success.

If you have any of the following items available and would like to donate them to the Hamilton Victory Gardens, please contact donate@hamiltonvictorygardens.org

Garden Equipment


Block. Concrete, 8″ x 8″ x 16″


Cloth, landscape – rated for 25 years, on rolls

Compost, in bulk

Garden label stakes


Manure, bulk


Rakes, bow and leaf

Shears, garden, various sizes

Sheds, garden, kits, 8ft x 10 ft. or larger

Snips, garden, various sizes

Soil, triple mix, in bulk

Sprayers, garden

Tables, picnic

Tables, small, patio

Trowels, garden

Umbrellas, large, table

Wheelbarrows, heavy duty


Cultivators, hand

Drill bits, all sizes

Drill, portable, with batteries and charger

Fasteners, screws, nails

Generators, portable, 3000+ watts


Hatchets, axes


Lumber, miscellaneous

Measuring tapes, various lengths

Padlocks, long hasps, keyed similarly

Pails, garbage, over 120 litre capacity

Recycling bins

Saw, circular, portable, with batteries and charger

Saws, cross cut

Saws, gardening, wood cutting


Use of a Bobcat, with operator, for 6 hour shifts

Wrenches, various types and sizes

For Volunteers

Chairs, outdoor

Gloves, garden, all sizes

Hats (for sun protection)

Snacks, cookies, etc.


Water, bottled



Flowers, pollinator, annual and perennial

Raspberry plants

Shrubs, pollinator


BBQ Equipment: For volunteer BBQs and socials

Buns, hamburger

Buns, hot dog

Hamburger patties

Hot dogs

Soft Drinks

Bottled water




Onions (early in the season)

Tomatoes (early in the season)

Ice Cream Bars


BBQ Tongs

BBQ Forks

BBQ Spatulas

Picnic Coolers