Come Garden With Us!


Below is all of the information to get you started at any of our 15 Hamilton Victory Garden sites throughout the greater Hamilton area. The information is divided into three general geographic areas: 1. West and Central Hamilton, 2. Hamilton Mountain, and 3. East Hamilton and Stoney Creek. Garden sites in each of these areas are listed with addition information about…

* the location and how to access the site,

* the site coordinator’s name so that you know exactly who to look for when you get there,

* the hours that we gather to volunteer (just show up any time within those hours!),

* and the bus stops and bus routes so you can get to the garden easily!

We hope to see you in one of the gardens soon!


West and Central Hamilton Garden Sites



Location: Behind the Food Basics at Barton St and Mary St.

Site Coordinator: Carolyn

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 9 AM – noon.

Bus: BARTON at MARY – 02 bus


Good Shepherd Centre

Location: Behind the Good Shepherd location at 135 Mary Street. This garden can be viewed from Catherine Street south of Cannon St E and north of Wilson St.

Site Coordinator: Michael or Karl

Hours: Thursday 9 – 11 AM


* CANNON at CATHARINE (Stop ID: 3002) – 03 bus

* JOHN at WILSON – 02, 03 and 20 buses



Location: In the parking lot behind Philpott Memorial Church. The garden is accessible through the parking lot gates on Park and Vine Streets.

Site Coordinator: Geoff or Tom

Hours: Tuesday 5 to 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM to noon.

Bus: York Blvd at Park St (Stop ID: 2985) – 01, 01x, 04, 07, 08 and 09 buses


Good Shepherd Square

Location: Beside the Good Shepherd building at King and Ray Streets (25 Ray St). The garden is accessible from the parking lot at Market and Ray Streets.

Site Coordinator: Mike

Hours: TBA

Bus: KING at PEARL (Stop ID: 1176) – 01 and 05 buses


Grace Lutheran

Location: Beside Grace Lutheran Church (1107 Main St W) at Main St W and Dow Ave.

Site Coordinator: Harry

Hours: Saturday 9 AM to 11 AM.


* MAIN at DOW (Stop ID: 1109) – 05 bus

* Main St. W. @ Haddon Ave S (Stop ID: 1195) – 05 bus


Budget Environmental

Location: On the lawn of Budget Environmental. The garden is visible from Gage Ave N between Gertrude St and Burlington St E.

Hours: TBA

Bus: At 377 GAGE – 04 and 41 buses


Mountain and Ancaster Garden sites


Macassa Lodge

Location: Two gardens, one in front and one behind the seniors facility (701 Upper Sherman Ave). The front garden is visible from Upper Sherman Ave.

Site Coordinator: Greta

Hours: Monday 6 PM until dusk, Wednesday and Saturday mornings 9 AM – noon


* At 727 Upper Sherman (Stop ID: 2224) – 24 bus


Redeemer University College

Location: The garden is located to the east of the main building. The garden is adjacent to and accessible from the large parking lot north of the main building.
Site Coordinator: TBA
Hours: will be managed over the next few months by the students


* At GARNER at REDEEMER UNIVERSITY (Stop ID: 4476) – 44 bus

* UPPER SHERMAN at FRANKLIN (Stop ID: 2208) – 24 bus


Church of the Resurrection

Location: Located beside the church (435 Mohawk Rd W) at Mohawk Rd W and Garth St and accessed through the church parking lot.

Site Coordinator: Pam

Hours: TBA


* MOHAWK at GARTH (Stop ID: 2358) – 41 bus

* MOHAWK at GARTH (Stop ID: 2334) – 41 bus


Holy Trinity

Location: Located in the parking lot behind the church (120 Fennell Av E) at Fennel Ave E and Warren Ave. The parking lot is accessed from Warren Ave.

Site Coordinator: Vince

Hours: Monday and Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings


* FENNELL at WARREN (Stop ID: 2032) – 21 bus

* FENNELL at EAST 5TH (Stop ID: 2818) – 21 bus


Mount Hamilton CRC

Location: Located in the parking lot beside the church (1411 Upper Wellington St) at Upper Wellington St and Stone Church Rd E. The garden is visible from Upper Wellington St.

Site Coordinator: Trish or Christina

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 AM to 10 AM     


* At 1394 UPPER WELLINGTON (Stop ID: 2258) – 26 bus

* UPPER WELLINGTON at STONE CHURCH – 26 and 43 buses


Mohawk College

Location: 135 Fennell Ave W, Located in the Mohawk College Community Garden. The garden is visible from Visitor Parking and the Accessible Parking near F-wing. Use Governors Blvd at West 5th Street entrance.

Site Coordinator: Elisha

Hours: The Mohawk College garden beds were destroyed by a flood in the garden area. So, no more work bees will be held there.



East Hamilton and Stoney Creek Garden Sites


St. Helen’s

Location: 785 Britannia Ave. Located behind the St. Helen’s Community Centre (formerly St. Helen’s School). This garden can be viewed from Melvin Ave at Woodward Ave.

Site Coordinator: Michelle, Scott, Melanie and Sylvia

Hours: Wednesday 4 PM – dusk, Saturday 9 AM – noon.


* MELVIN opposite MACLAREN (Stop ID: 1217) – 02 bus

* WOODWARD at MELVIN – 02 bus


Pioneer Memorial

Location: Located behind Pioneer Memorial Church (1974 King St E) on King St E. The garden is accessible from Ipswich Road.

Site Coordinator: Sam

Hours: Pioneer site is done for the year, special thanks to Sam and Jackie!


* KING at WOODBRIDGE (Stop ID: 1142) – 05 bus

* KING at RODGERS (Stop ID: 1162) – 05 bus


Jones Road (Ron Miller Community Garden)

Location: 220 Jones Rd. Located behind the former Municipal building and the Kiwanis Club of Stoney Creek building. The garden is accessible from Jones Road between Hwy 8 and Barton St.

Site Coordinator: Anne Marie

Hours: Wednesday 6 PM – dusk, Saturday 9 AM – noon.

Bus: JONES at HIGHWAY 8 (Stop ID: 2529) – 55 bus